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when somebody jokes about ur insecurities


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#one of those times when everyone (including steve) is like holy fucking shit this chick is brilliant#and like really fucking good at her job#and like wow now i see why she’s SHIELD’s top agent#i should let her run everything#she should be in charge#etc etc
#basically#can we also just not forget that had natasha not been on the lookout and seen rumlow on the escalator that would’ve been it#also i love how this is one of the more perfect examples of spy vs soldier#steve is used to reacting#his first instinct is to engage and think about how he can phyically defend himself in a fight#natasha is used to acting#her first instinct is to figure out the best way to hide and be stealth and quietly play the game#because for as much as the black widow likes to draw people into her web (see: bucky on the causeway) she plays it quiet 90% of the time#which is basically her strength and what makes her so good at what she does
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Anonymous asked: whats the craziest thing youve ever done?


omg okay so one time (i think it was sophomore year) i was sitting in class and my teacher, out of no where, says “i can see your bra strap through your shirt hanna” and i looked down and you literally couldn’t see it unless you were blatantly staring at my chest so i said, “well i can’t” and he says “you need to go change your shirt” and i said i didnt have another shirt so hes like then go home and i had a burning hatred for this teacher i still do because it was like he went out of his way everyday to piss me off so i stood up and took off my bra under my shirt, dropped it on the floor next to my desk and sat down.

i was suspended for a week. 

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this person is replying to their own text message
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***ATTENTION*** This is the latest anti-Semitic/ racist salute. It was first claimed to be anti Zionist but has escalated to anti-Jewry and anti-semitism all around. If you see anyone doing this salute called the/a “Quenelle” swiftly punch them in the face, scold them, whatever you feel like, just recognize that this is a symbol of hatred!

Please be careful guys (esp. Jewish, queer, or disabled people, or people of color.) I’ve seen Neo-Nazis do this, and they can be really dangerous groups of people to be around.
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in this generation, you can’t tell if someone is 13 or 18

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this post is the only one that has 12 million notes and it changes all the time. the flubber robin williams, the rogerina, the “reblog if you dont have a tumblr” and the dean winchester gym shorts is literally all the same post and you guys are astonished that it has so many notes every time a new version of it comes around

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once my friend was waiting for her mom to pick her up and she called her mom and her mom said “im on my way, the traffic is just slow, im coming” and my friend went “mom i called the house phone”

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tumblr literally defies all things i’ve been taught:

  • don’t talk to strangers
  • don’t make friends online
  • don’t do anything stupid

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